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PowerHouse: Live
Orlando, Florida - April 22nd, 2022
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Traffic, Influencers, And eCommerce 
Brand Building Mastery!
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Influencer Marketing, Scaling Traffic Profitably, Extreme Brand Building, eCom Expansion, & Disrupting Huge Markets!

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Josh Snow and Los Silva

Josh Snow

Founder & CEO of Snow Teeth Whitening

Josh Elizetxe is an internet advertising veteran and successful serial entrepreneur. Last year, over 100,000,000 people interacted with websites and brands owned by josh's parent company. Josh is a sought-after company advisor and angel investor in the software (saas), e-commerce, and advertising technology industries. with an uncanny focus on data-driven strategy, his work has resulted in over $1 billion in proven enterprise value tracked since 2009

Los Silva

Co-Founder & CEO of PowerHouse

With a life spent as an entrepreneur, Los finds himself at the helm of an 8-figure agency and multiple 7-figure sister companies, becoming a world-renowned speaker, thought leader, and the go-to marketer. He’s achieved extreme success in the online space working with influencers, entrepreneurs, and smb’s - helping them scale pass multiple 7 and 8-figure marks.

Jeremy Adams

Co-Founder & CEO of Unicorn Innovations

Jeremy is the CEO and Co-Founder of an Advertising Agency that has generated hundreds of millions in traceable revenue for many internationally recognized partners and clients. He was also named one of Forbes' 30 under 30 and is a founding partner of Quantum Media with Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington and Maxwell Finn.

AJ Patel

Serial Entrepreneur, Investor & Founder at HighKey

AJ has founded five branded companies: Founder and Chairman of InstaNatural, Zenwise Health, Zesty Paws, Smooth Viking and Trinova. AJ has an invaluable toolkit for brands looking to grow their operations. He’s scaled three of the five brands to 8 figures in revenue within a few years (with one over $50MM as of 2019) and sold the other two.

Mike Roddy

Founder & CEO of Empire Social

Mike boasts a network over 500M+ followers and runs one of the largest Instagram growth agencies specialized in rapidly scaling your audience with highly targeted followers paired with algorithm focused page management.
Spend a FULL DAY with the “Steve Jobs” of the DTC eCommerce World, Josh Elizetxe, CEO and Founder of SNOW TEETH Whitening.

...Plus Los Silva , Co-founder of PowerHouse Ventures, Los is a savant at building personal brands and scaling start-ups to 8-figures rapidly. 

... Plus Colin Wayne, CEO & Found of RedLine Steel. A high-school dropout and military combat veteran who was injured by an enemy rocket attack in Afghanistan. Since then, he has gone on to be a male fitness cover model, social media influencer, and now he has built a multi-million-dollar home decor steel manufacturing business with plans for sister companies to continue serving his customers

... Plus Travis Stephenson, CEO & Found of Chatmatic.  A Tech start up (self funded) that allows users to create Messenger automations and is at the forefront of blending messenger automation with eCommerce

... Plus Mike Bernard, Email & SMS marketing specialist who helps eCommerce business owners generate at least 25% of their revenue, month over month, from email and sms marketing!
Dear fellow DTC eCommerce Business Owner, 
You hear the stories, watch the Facebook videos, and read the articles about men and women spending $10,000 $20,000 or even $100,000 a day PROFITABLY online…

But WHEN was the last time you were actually invited to sit-down in a small setting with the ACTUAL individuals... who can take you "Behind-The-Curtain," and literally hand you the road map to your billion dollar health empire?
Why Disrupting a Billion Dollar Industry, Getting Paid A Ridiculous Amount To Exit Your Business, and Doing It While Getting "Cash Rich"... Has Never Been More Possible Than RIGHT NOW! 
Big brands are scared, because YOU and I know something that they do not. 

Let me explain with a quick story: 
🧔💬 "I have no clue how any of that D2C (direct to consumer) stuff works!” the person said to me from across the desk. 
👱❗️💬 "Wait! What?” I thought to myself. I was stunned. Here is a guy who sold his company to Coca-Cola for $200,000 and is now investing HEAVILY in health brands... but he admittedly doesn’t understand how to acquire customers online. He continued…

“But we are looking at investing in fast-growth online eCommerce companies right now! 

“Let me get this straight," I thought to myself. He doesn’t understand online marketing at all... yet that is the business they are in... and they are investing millions and millions of dollars right now in these type of businesses??!"

But he isn’t the only person. 

Check this out...

A week after that, another venture capitalist said: 

“I’ve sold many companies that grew in retail, but the big brands (e.g., Coca-cola, Kellogg, etc…) don’t want retail brands anymore... they want brands that are growing direct to consumer. But have no idea how you guys generate customers online..."


Is this really happening? Can WE (you and I) join the wave of online brands selling for crazy multiples to these clueless, highly-funded private equity funds, VC, or gigantic brands that are seeing profits and market-share get stolen exponentially by small fast growing ecommerce brands?
Short Answer: YES! 
AgFunder Co-Founder Rob Leclerc Agrees:
“Big food companies lost $4-billion in market share last year,” he says. “Those companies are scared. They don’t know how to deal with all of the change.”
BUT… what Josh Snow knows... and what Los Silva knows... is not ALWAYS going to be a “new” thing. 

But it IS right now! 

There has never been a bigger “if you snooze you're gonna lose moment…” than RIGHT NOW!

Why Influencers COMBINED With Performance Based Advertising Is Like Your Secret Super-Power 

Influencers have always helped brands grow--going all the back to Ronald Reagan doing ads for Chesterfield Cigarettes.

But, the company NIKE hit the jackpot when Michael Jordan became the face of their brand AND simultaneously the best player that ever lived.

Infomercial company Guthy Renker has sold BILLIONS of Beauty products like Pro-Active, Cindy Crawford's skin line, Tony Robbins Personal Power, and many more using INFLUENCERS + Media Buying.

However, their model required millions to get started... not anymore!

All you need are social media platforms, a product, an Influencer, and a PROVEN SYSTEM! 

Just look at these results: 

Morphe: A beauty brand that broke into the beauty-industry selling brushes, also leveraged the influencer-community to grow to a valuation of $2.2 Billion.

Gym Shark: A gym clothing company started by a young pizza-delivery boy, leveraged influencer marketing to become the fastest growing company in the UK, now Valued at $1.3 Billion.

​​Native: A disruptive deodorant brand leveraged the power of social media to compete against outdated deodorant brands, eventually being acquired for $100 Million.

Dr. Axe: Dr Axe's Supplement and Protein brand gets funded with $103 Million Dollars.

Just a few years earlier, he started as a blogging chiropractor, then had a team build a phenomenal content platform...THEN partnered with a proven supplement brand. 

​​Drunk Elephant: Has become one of the fastest growing skin-care beauty brands in history, prepping for one of the biggest acquisitions in skin-care history, valued at $845 Million.

The Full Day At PowerHouse: Live Content and Format
Here is an outline of what will be covered in the rare event in order to help you take advantage of the timing in the market!
  • How to create an army of 'Micro-Influencers' to help grow your brand without daily management... learning what tools, team, and systems are in place to identify, recruit, and get “Ambassadors” 1000% excited about promoting (YOUR BRAND HERE) for free... while the most engaged ones may end up making money! And how Josh is indirectly, but aggressively, attacking the Billion Dollar Brands... in order to get higher valuations when exiting!  
  • Preparing to scale with Facebook/IG advertising... whether you are spending $100 - $10,000K a day! Discover proven methods for testing and optimizing your campaigns and how to turn influencer content into SUPER highly profitable ads and scale them... plus so much more!
  • Turning your worst months into 'Black Friday & Cyber Monday' months! The NEW Secret Art of creating your own holidays to generate massive revenue during your 'slowest' times of the year!
  • Preparing to sell for maximum dollars! Josh sold his first company at the age of 23 for multiple 8-figures. He created an environment where he had businesses competing to acquire his business allowing him to exit by being paid TOP DOLLAR.
  • Increasing profits by leveraging the power of Email & SMS Marketing to generate steady and consistent revenue... that accounts for 30%+ of your total revenue! Become more competitive with your advertising by using Email & SMS to increase your LTV and MRR!
  • ​​Skyrocket your brand presence and revenue by leveraging the power of Instagram™ and dip into the 500+ million network Roddy has built over the years to rapidly grow Instagram™ accounts.
  • ​​Discover the billion dollar team-building secrets no one thinks about when trying to scale beyond 7 and 8-figures!! Scale your operations, scale your business, sell for multiples!
  • ​​MOST IMPORTANTLY, avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls most eCommerce companies make ... proven by 10's of millions of dollars wasted on business efforts that failed... that YOU can learn from!
  • AND much more topics I’ll add after surveying the attendees (YOU). The format is gonna be awesome. 
  • ​​The event also includes a networking happy hour with direct access to Josh, Los, the speakers and the PowerHouse team.
  • ​​And finally, recordings of the entire event to review and use to train your team in the future!!
Here's The Details: 
When: April 22nd, 2022 - 9am to 6pm

Where: Winter Park, Florida

Only 25 seats available. We do this because this isn't an "event" but more like an intimate training that's 100x more effective for attendees.  

How Many Speakers: Only 5 to 6 speakers total. We agreed that we want to go DEEP and give you very specific action steps that can be implemented and measured for results as quickly as possible. 
WARNING: This Is Not Cheap.
By now, you get the idea that this isn’t for any ol' "internet marketer"... or someone looking for a “hack." 

This is for the entrepreneur looking to have a massive advantage in an ever increasingly crowded market... while experiencing powerful success! 

We've gone to extreme lengths to bring this crew of guys together and frankly they’ve gone to even further lengths, millions of dollars of investment, and 10,000+ hours to acquire the wisdom and knowledge that you are being given an opportunity to learn from in person. 

While I believe you should spend ANYTHING to get in the room for this day. $10,000 would easily be a fair dollar amount. 

$5,000 is a bargain for the years of wisdom and systems that you will literally be downloading. BUT... I settled at what I would consider the best price of your life opportunity. 

Your Investment is just: $1,147

P.S. For Those Who Feel The Money, Time Commitment, Or “Too Busy” Is A Concern...  
4 Ways You Will Make Your Money Back In The Room! 
Vision Expansion Listening to Josh talk about his Brand, his Strategy, and seeing the entire picture from start to finish of how he is disrupting the BILLION DOLLAR industry! 
Building teams for billion dollar valuations! Extreme growth comes from knowing how to put the right team in place. AJ will discuss important business operations for building teams that want to WIN, have the same vision for growth, and know how to scale rapidly.
Facebook Ads for Scale! If you are running facebook or instagram ads right now and either crushing it or struggling... Jeremy will walk you through how he takes brands from ZERO to $200,000-$400,000 revenue days at 3-5X ROAS! 

You can have your computer open and make changes RIGHT THERE! 
Top Secret, Side Conversations, Business Deals, New Friends and so much more! Listen, this room is real world bad asses only. The price point helps keep it that way… AND ...the content is not for newbies who are looking to make an extra buck. 

This is the world of empire builders, world changers, and individuals who are pro’s (or at least have the guts and commitment to be there soon!) You want to be here it’s gonna be lights out... f’n fantastic!
If you decide to join us...We can’t wait to meet you! 
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